Using a combination of the various technologies at our disposal,
we adopt a co-design approach, with the customer taking an active part
in the process.
We analyse existing products to determine how to improve their technical characteristics and choose the most competitive technology
for their industrialization.

Through our continuous research, each year we register a great number
of patents in various sectors. We collaborate with the University of Padua
and other research institutions to continuously improve
our technical competences.


Design of cold forming tools

Our cold-forming dies are designed
and developed entirely in-house.

We employ 3D design systems and we use specific softwares
to analyse the sequence of deformation.
All the equipment we use for cold forming
is made in our own tooling department
that possesses an extensive array of machinery.

In-house production of moulds

The tooling department is a valuable ally to R&D with its rapid prototyping and pre-production samples. Mastering both the design and manufacturing phase of the production gives us complete control and replicability on the production process.