Automotive industry

Custom made cold-formed components

The advantages of cold formed technologies are combined with machining to ensure the production of high precision and economically efficient automotive components.

Our machines’ high flexibility has allowed us to acquire a comprehensive automotive expertise.

Our automotive components are used in different car parts including transmission systems, starting systems, car frames, engines and brakes.

We are able to study and develop specific highly automated production lines ensuring a 100% control on process.


Ski boot buckles
and sport mechanisms

Co-designed highly innovative solutions

Our long lasting experience in the field of sport mechanisms allows us to tap on a wide array of different technologies as for example cold forming, turning, die casting, plastic forming and metal extrusion.

We co-design personalized solutions using the most suitable technology according to specific custom requirements.

Our core products are ski boot buckles and other fastening mechanisms for downhill and alpine skis. In this sector, we account for about 60% of the total market share, producing about 10 million ski boot buckles yearly that we supply to most of the leading winter sports equipment brands.

We use different types of materials from plastic to aluminium, always guaranteeing a high level of safety and performance.

The internal technical team is able to propose innovative solutions for sport mechanisms and other metallic components employed on a wide range of other products like sport equipment for rehabilitation and home fitness as well as for motorcycling and cycling.

Fluid connector
and others industries

A diversified company

Our flexibility, long experience and the diversity of special cold formed components we make, allow us to serve a variety of other industries too, such as the hydraulic industry (connectors, banjo bolts), the plumbing industry (bushes) and the plumbing and heating industry (fittings).

We also produce small metal parts for the furniture industry.