Company Profile

The group, which has its headquarters in Vazzola in the North East of Italy, has grown quickly, reaching at the present time a total turnover of 40 million euros and a staff of 200 employees. The Gi.Di. Meccanica headquarters and the two main production sites are in Vazzola, Italy. The affiliate company Tecsa Meccanismi is located in Cluj, Romania. The two companies use different technologies, but work jointly to provide a wide range of manufacturing opportunities.

Gi.Di. Meccanica S.p.A.

Initially focused on bar turning technology, the company has completed its manufacturing capability by introducing cold forming technology. Over the years, this technology has been fully exploited and the company’s focus has shifted towards the production of automotive cold formed components, with the further addition of machining to complete the process.

Through the complementarity of these different production proficiencies, the company has managed to develop complex parts for the automotive sector as well as for the fluid connector and sport equipment sectors and many others.


Tecsa Meccanismi

Founded in 2000 and located in Cluj Romania, Tecsa Meccanismi is a manufacturing company mainly dedicated to the assembly operations of complex mechanisms.
Furthermore, in this production plant the coating and pad printing operations are performed, thanks to modern and highly automatized production lines.
The products that the company provides are mainly related to winter sports equipment, however through its flexibility it can supply components for a wide variety of sectors, for example home fitness and automotive engineering.

Our future prospects

We aim to provide even more complex cold formed components, combining the different technologies we have at our disposal, to meet growing market demands and the need for increased competitiveness that inevitably ensues.
Aware of the vital importance of pursuing a continuous improvement in both cold formed components and cold forming processes, we constantly invest in new machinery and machining technologies, as well as in highly qualified personnel.
The patents developed every year in the various sectors bear testimony to the group’s dynamism and to its focus on research and development activities.
The objective is to offer our customers unique solutions tailored to their individual requirements.