Cold forming
is our core technology

With cold-forming, the component is produced from a wire that, without heating, goes through a series of operations designed to deform the blank.
We work with various types of steel and aluminium and wire measuring between 2 and 34 mm in diameter.
The machinery’s compressive force is as high as 650 tonnes. The latest machines have the “quick change” concept, allowing the operator to pre-set the machine for the next job while it is still operating and thus reduce tool change time.


Tool building

We produce cold-forming equipment internally, this allows us to have a proprietary know-how of the tooling process as well as to reduce the lead time for the production of spare parts.

The advantages of cold forming

High production rate and replicability
The cold forming process is 100 times faster than the traditional machining process and is also more stable.
Reduction of material scrap
The material is not cut; therefore, a lower quantity of material is needed to produce a component.
Excellent mechanical properties of end product
The grains of metal are not cut but redistributed, the resulting freedom from burrs and sharp edges, along with the increased tensile strength, can result in improved toughness and fatigue performance.